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Otg-Cable Otg-12Cm (For The Android Mobile Phone With Otg Function)

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The OTG data cable is a patch cord that allows the USB interface of the solar controller communication cable to be connected to the mobile phone. When the mobile phone APP is installed, it can communicate with the solar controller with RS485 communication function, which is simple and convenient. In addition, using the OTG data line and the RS485 communication line, the mobile APP can view the operating status of the system, and can modify the control parameters of the solar controller, load/LED constant current parameters and other functions in real time.
1.Connection interface: one end is Micro-USB interface, the other end is standard USB female port
2. Cable length: 12cm
3. Support mobile phone: Android 2.3 to Android 4.0+, mobile phone with OTG function
4. Working temperature: -25~75°C
5. Safety performance: good anti-electromagnetic interference performance
6. Warranty: 2 year warranty period

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1. Support Android 2.3 to Android 4.0+, mobile phone with OTG function
2, support Micro-USB interface and standard USB female port
3, the cable length is 12cm
4. Solar controller and high-speed parameter setting programmer (SPP-02) for RS485 communication function
5, plug and play, simple and convenient

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