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Brand: ABB
Model: TPS02
Min. Order: 1

❖Basic information ❖
Part number : ABB TPS02
Manufacturer : ABB
Country of origin : Sweden
Worldwide shipping : DHL, UPS, Fedex, and TNT

This is Leonia(sales manager)| 24/7 Fast Service | +86-18030175807 ( whatsapp/Phone)
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❖Why Moore automation ❖
Q: Is your product new?
A: Yes, new and original.
Q: What is the warranty?
A: 1 year.

Q: What”s your advantage?
A: ①Competitve price
    ②Fast delivery
    ③Thoughful service
Q: What about payment?
A: T/T

Q: Last question, who should I contact to buy the product?
A:This is Leonia(ready!!)| 24/7 Fast Service | +86-18030175807

It will be a comfortable and happy business cooperation~

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Allen Bradley 1769-L33ERM Rockwell 1756-OW16I Allen Bradley 20BC085A0ANNANC0 SER. B F/W 4.001 UNMP
Allen Bradley 1769-OB32T Rockwell 1769-SM2 Allen Bradley 20BC085A0ANNANC0 SER. B F/W 9.001 UNMP
Allen Bradley 1769-OF8C Rockwell 80190-380-02-R Allen Bradley 20BD022A0AYYANN0 SER. A AC DRIVE
Allen Bradley 1769-OW16 Rockwell 80190-380-01-R Allen Bradley 20BD022A3AYNAND0 SER B F/W 10.001 AC DRIVE
Allen Bradley 1769-OW8 Rockwell 81000-199-52-R Allen Bradley 20BD027A0AYNAND1 SER. A F/W 3.003 NSMP
Allen Bradley 1769-PA2 Rockwell 100-D140EA11 Allen Bradley 20BD027A3AYYANA0 SER. A F/W 3.002 REMAN
Allen Bradley 1769-PB2 Rockwell 2711-T6C1L1 Allen Bradley 20BD040A3AYNADA0 SER. A F/W 3.002 (AS PICTURED) NSNP
Allen Bradley 1784-PCIC Rockwell 1769sc-IF8u Allen Bradley 20DD5P0A3EYYANCBL SER. A F/W 4.002 UNMP
Allen Bradley 1794-IB16 Rockwell 2711-K5A5 Allen Bradley 20DD5P0A3EYYANCBL SER. A F/W 5.002 UNMP
Allen Bradley 1794-IRT8 Rockwell 2711P-T10C4A8 Allen Bradley 2107MS-GXCB509/1 SER. Q
Allen Bradley 1794-OB16 Rockwell 1756-IM16I Allen Bradley 2711-KC1 SER. C F/W 5.02.01 NSNP
Allen Bradley 1771-OBDC Rockwell 1788-DNBO Allen Bradley 2711-KC1X SER. C REV I FRN 5.02.00 (w/ KEY)
Allen Bradley 1794-TB3T Rockwell 1746-NI16I Allen Bradley 2711P-B15C15D2 SER. A UNMP
Allen Bradley 1771-IBDB Rockwell 1326AB-B515E-S2K5L Allen Bradley 2711P-K12C4D1 SER.G PANEL VIEW PLUS MODULE

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