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Wrought Iron Palisade Fence

 Wrought Iron Palisade Fence

Wrought Iron Palisade Fence

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Wrought Iron Palisade Fence is a style of fencing, which is now popular in steel around many industrial sites. Palisade is more secure than many other fencing systems so wherever security is priority palisade is used.

Palisade is available in a range of finishes, galvanized in, or galvanized and colour coated in various colours to blend with the environment.

Hexi is a Chinese company with a pivotal position in the wrought iron fences industry. The Company was formed through the vision of long term participation in metal fencing supply of China market and the world market.

Hexi Iron Fence Co. has acquired established businesses across China and the world with long track records of success. We export a range of wrought iron fences including: Wrought iron picket fences, wrought iron ornamental fences, iron safety fencing, swimming pool safety fencing, wrought iron palisade fencing, temporary fencing and other metal fences.

W section high security fencing is another style of palisade. This type of fencing is an extremely effective first line of defense against the more aggressive intruder. Suitable for high security use. W section palisade is stronger and more durable than D section and is a lot more effective as high security fencing.


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