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Detailed Selling Lead Description

Characteristics: High strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, broad vision, space saving, simple installation.

Product introduction:
Scene installation: mesh pole round mesh scene installation, the most features of the product is strong

Product specification
One: Plastic wire diameter 3.8mm
Two: Mesh hole 50mm X 50mm
Three: Inch 3000mm X 4000mm
Four: column: Diameter 60/2.5mm steel pipe
Five: Horizontal column: Diameter 48/2mm steel pipe welded
Six: jointing form: welding
Seven: corrosion process: Rustproof paint+ high degree metal paint the product has bright colors, aging-proofing, corrosion-resistant, complete specification, flat mesh surface, great tension and not easy to change shape.

Advantages of product
The product has bright color, aging-resistant, corrosion-resistant, full specification. The mesh surface is flat, great strength and not easy to change the shape. The most advantages of the product is great agility, the sculpt and inch can be adjust according to the timely demand.

Main market
Tennis ball, basket ball and round mesh of comprehensive place with high quality.

Special specification can be processed according to the demand of customers.

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