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Thermal Screen

Thermal Screen

Thermal Screen

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Plastic mesh thermal screen systems allow growers to obtain climate control all year. With using of thermal screen, winter heating bills can be reduced by as much as 50 percent when screens are closed at night. Once the heat is in your structure, it will stay longer with the presence of a properly equipped thermal screening system.

Thermal screening systems (shade, heat retention, or blackout curtains) reduce heat loss by reducing the air volume needed to be heated, creating an attic in the greenhouse for an insulative air barrier, and reducing the stratification of heat energy up to the roof.

During the summer months the plastic screens can be deployed over the crop, returning temperatures back to an optimum growing range.

These cable drive systems are operated by electric drive units with reversing control and built-in limit switches. They can be operated manually or by computer.

These systems come in a kit form with installation instructions for installation by the grower.

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