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Japanese Crane Card Kiyozuru-8 Inch Garden Shears For Gardening Scissors Pruning

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Price: CNY 65 / The
Min. Order: 1 The

Japanese crane brand 8 inch garden scissors product features gardening pruning scissors scissors for picking fruits branch scissors manual oblique cutting pliers is excellent, mainly for durable; the rust and corrosion prevention; cutting edge sharp section incision smooth, non deformation, after pruning branches fast healing. The handle has reasonable design, comfort grip, long-term continuous use is not easy to fatigue. Widely used in garden greening engineering construction, maintenance, production in nursery, orchard pruning and other various horticultural field.
Use: Japanese small garden pruning scissors tool.
Characteristics: smooth, clean, easy shear
Hard chrome plating: particularly tough, rust proof, easy to clean scissors
Quenching: makes the blade has a steel structure and the best durable wear resistance
Ultra light Slip Grip: take a very comfortable in your hand, and protect the hand
Suitable for hand hand structure: trimming the head angle transformation can be directly pruning
Perfect: refined pruning shears used in orchard, vineyard and garden, is the ideal tool for personal and family

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