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The Original Japanese Seiko Seiko Kd-500A Solution Over Electrode Holder Welding

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: SEIKO
Model: KD-500A
Price: CNY 185 / The
Min. Order: 1 The

Wholesale authentic Japanese Seiko KD-500AMP electric welding SEIKO welding machine dedicated welding clamp welding clamp
Product type: KD-500AMP
Description of the goods:
1 uses advanced brass forging production, supply the conductivity and capacity of the largest
2 plastic handle using the resin with heat resistance production
The 3 connecting cables, to tighten the screws
4 welding current: 400-500A
5 the use of wire: 60 ~ 80mm L
6 full length: 250mm
Using electrode: 5-9mm - 7
8 origin: Made in Japan
9 Japanese industrial standard: JIS C9302

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