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Pump Test Kyowa Japan Republic Of T-50K-P Tester

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: KYOWA
Model: T-50K-P
Price: CNY 1580 / Table
Min. Order: 1 Table

Authentic Japanese KYOWA Republic of test water pump, manual pump, inlet pressure test pump T-50K-P pressure test pump tester leakage detector, measuring press, Gao Hua brand manual type mould tester detection pump, hand-operated die transporting water machine, manual pressure test pump, pipeline leak detector ultra small hydraulic pressure test pump, manual pump
T-50K-P of standard: 2.5Mpa pressure was also calculated.
world class independent of Hai was in small light
8.KYC-20A, KYC-40A, KYC-70B, KYC-70C, KYC-210-1, KYC-210-BX, KYC-300-1, KYC-300-3, KYC-300-K4, KYC-300-K5, KYC-300-6, KYC-300H1, KYC-300H2, KYC-300H3, KYC-300H4, KYC-300H5, KYC-400-1, KYC-400-2, KYC-400-3, KYC-400-4, KYC-400H0, KYC-400H1, KYC-400H2, KYC-400H3, KYC-400H4, KYC-400H5, KYC-400H6, KYC-400H7, KYC-400H8, KYC-400H9, KYZ-75, KYZ-150. KYZ-220, KYZ-370S1, KYZ-370S2, KYC-70ED1, KYC-70ED2, KYC-100E-2, KYC-300E, KYC-300EH0, KYC-300EH1, KYC-300EH2, KYC-400E, KYC-400ER1, KYC-400ER2, KYC-500E, KYC-500EH, KYC-600E, KYC-600EH1, KYC-600EH2, KYC-300EH-D, KYC-300H, KYC-600EH-D1, KYC-600EH-D2, KYC-600EH-D3, KY-20A, KY-40A, KY-100-2, KY-100-3, KY-300-1, KY-300-3, KY-300-4, KY-300-5, KY-300-6. KY-400-1, KY-400-2, KY-400-3, KY-400H-0, KY-400H-1, KY-400H-2, KY-400H-3, KY-400H-4, KY-400H-5, KY-400H-6, KY-400H-7, KY-400H-8, KY-400H-9, KY-400H-10, KY-400H-11, KY-300E, KY-400E-1, KY-400E-2, KY-400E-3T-508, T-50K-P, T-50K, T-100K, T-50N, T-300N, T-500N, T-1000N, KYC-40-NS, Z-25, Z-40

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