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Pump Leak Detector Test Kyowa Japan Republic Of T-100K Manual Tester

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: KYOWA
Model: T-100K
Price: CNY 2800 / Table
Min. Order: 1 Table

Japan KYOWA Republic of T-100K pressure test pump tester leakage detector, measuring press, manual type mould tester detection pump, high China Japan brand plastic pump manual pressure test pump water pipeline detection pipeline press pressure pump
2 - high pressure hose Ultra High Pressure Hose 1/4 "PF x 1m (1pc)
3 pipe joint Nipple 1/4 "(1pc)
Japan genuine Republic of KYOWA die pressure test pump performance characteristics
1 ball valve adopts high precision stainless steel, easy to replace the seat
2 of Japan's KYOWA T-50K-P and T-100K high China using ethylene resin coated steel tank, rust free plastic water tank to ensure the water clean.
Stainless steel shaft with 3 of all, the plunger assembly is standard products, ring easy to sell to buy at the local, easy replacement
4 Japanese KYOWA Gao Hua is a small light structure, the world unparalleled accessories complete, does not need power supply, can be anywhere in the field pressure testing
Operating instructions:
1 before use, the tank is filled with medium (the prohibition of the use of not clean medium containing sediment debris), tighten the pressure switch.
2 the crank, piston block in motion phenomenon, make the medium from the work over the outflow, and then to take over on the subjects of container, the tested container is filled with media, you can use. (subjects there is no air container)
3 prohibits the rated pressure exceeds the specified test pump.
4 Application of force to a smooth, not knocking.
5 possible failure and troubleshooting:
To be alike
Pressure does not rise or slow rise
The 1 switch is not tightened, ball deformation, sealing the inlet valve
The 2 filter influent junction leakage blocked tube or pipe
The 3 part leaking plunger
1 tightening switch, replacing (3) ball (14) glass ball or a steel ball of G9Crl3
2 replacement medium clear the blockage, eliminate Water Leakage phenomenon
3 replace YX sealing ring (9)
Holding pressure time short and 1 water outlet valve of micro leakage
2 other components junction leakage 1 cleaning valve, replace O-ring
2 tighten the connection bolts, replace the seals
Repair and maintenance:
1, pump and the water tank of the medium is kept clean, dirt and other debris is not allowed.
2, pressure meter in use should avoid vibration, handle with care.
3, the long stop working pump on withdrawal of the former should be medium drainage, surface exposed unpainted should be coated with oil. The pump should join the antirust oil or oil, pressure test bogey oil vessel pressure test pump, do not use oil or rust preventive oil maintenance, should adopt other anticorrosion measures.
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