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Wax For Hotmelt Adhesive Fischer Tropsch Wax Ft Wax Synthesis Wax

Detailed Selling Lead Description

HSFT-105G take the place of Shell SX105 and Sasolwax H1

Features: High melting point, Low penetration, Low viscosity

Applications: Printing Ink and coating, Applied in Hot melt adhesives short setting time, Bitumen modification, PVC and rubber processing

HSFT-105G has a higher melting point and the lower penetration. HSFT-105G is suitable to be used in road marking paints. Presently, the thermoplastic traffic marking paint is the most widely used on the roads as the autonomous vehicle guidance. It is generally composed of thermoplastic resin, pigments, and fillers. The addition of HSFT-105G can improve the dispersibility of pigment and filler in thermoplastic resin, and improve paint fluidity, prevent sedimentation, adjust viscosity, improved wear and stain resistance.

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