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Son Ban Dan, Su Dung Cho Thanh Dan May Phat Dien Jf140 For Pacitcan Tpp Material

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: JF140
Price: USD 103 / ea
Min. Order: 1 ea

The use of advanced technology, absolutely first-class service quality, is our constant faith over the years. Production is in strict accordance with national standard, line standard and technical standards. The main technical backbone are retired senior engineer and senior technicians, who has participated in the design, manufacture and installation of Gezhouba, Ertan, Three Gorges and other power plants. We have served hundreds of hydropower stations, thermal power plant overhaul, and technical transformation to provide high quality equipment, construction design, installation, spare parts, and after-sales service.
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#DF-Son ban dan, su dung cho thanh dan may phat dien JF140-DF
lube oil filters 0280D020BN3HC
oil transfer pump 125LY-23-5
Main Pump Oil Filter V6021V4C03
filter tank hydraulic JWUX-63*100
Duplex Filter GX-400*5
oil filter kit 21FH1340-36-51-10
Plunger pump PVH74 (QI)C-RSM-1S-1X-C25-31
double drum filter element HX.BH-250*1W
hydraulic duplex oil filter 0500D005BN3HC
axial piston pumps 25SCY14-1B
transmitter AX410/5001
hydraulic filter price LXM15-45
solenoid valve 34B1Y-H10B-T
Guide Vane Opening DYK-11-3002
cross reference oil filters HXW-160*80
EH oil system flushing filter C9209031
digital rpm sensor and meters DF9011
hydraulic return oil filter HX.BH-40*20Q
Lubrication Oil Station Discharge Filter FAX-630*5
MSV\CV\RCV actuator flushing filter 4E08A.109
Jacking oil filter TLX268/20P
hydraulic vane pump F3-20V5A-1C22R
Coal mill accessoriesZGM133G-IIcross reference oil filter 0110D010BN3HC/-V
EH oil solenoid valve 4WE6D53/AW220-50N24
cartridge stainless steel filter housings FAX-1000*3
Ethernet Communication Module TSXETY4103
Pump sealing ring 125LY-23
Position feedback LVDT TDZ-1E-12
Accumulator Sealing Kit NXQ-AB-100/10
Differential Pressure Switch 2 BH-038013-03
hydraulic oil filter housing ZU-H160*30S
Screw pump HSNS210-42
hydraulic oil filter unit Q3UI-A400*5FS
oil filter equipment 0F3-08-3RV-10
Son ban dan, su dung cho thanh dan may phat dien JF140

hydraulic oil filter cartridge 21FC1421-160*800/6
Heat bypass valve JL015082
actuator solenoid valve 4WE10D50/EG220N9K4/V
hydraulic return filter NX-25*30
hydraulic filter housing WU-H160*40S
floating ball valve design DN80
Medium speed grinding sealJX12.30.15Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor 4000TD
Polyester Fiberglass Tape ET100-25
bearing vibration sensor CWY-DO-813602
O-ring HZB253-640-02-01
filter pressure hydraulic TXX-400*80
cross reference oil filter TZX2I-10*10Q2
lvdt displacement sensor inductive sensor TDZ-1C-44
vacuum pump spare parts coupling cushion P-1741
Inlet valve Solenoid valve 4WE6D62/E220N9K4/V
Vibration Gauge CWY-DO-813601-01-03-05-02
Cermet roll sleeve300MG33.11.09.99STCAutomated Back Flushing Oil Filter Cartridge HDX-630*40
Platinum-Rhodium Wire WRN-230
Main pump filter AP3E301-02D03V/-W
air filter replacement BDE1000S2W1.X/-RV0.003
hydraulic filter press AZ3E303-04D01V/-W
automobile filter element 21FC-5121-160-160*400-25
Hydrogen side sealing oil relief valve KC50P-97
oil station screw pump HSNS210-40A
Type K Thermocouple Cartridge TC03A2-KY-2B/S17
Loading cylinder seals20MG40.11.14.02filter tank hydraulic 2-5685-0384-99
hydraulic oil filter housing GX-25*20
filter hydraulic servo LHN-100*20
Diode MDC-55A-1400V
replacement filter WNY-C-005-S75
filters air SA06
return oil filter LH0330R10BN/HC
BFP lube double cartridge filter SFX-1300*10
Son ban dan, su dung cho thanh dan may phat dien JF140


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