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Red Electric Varnish 167 Steam Turbine Parts

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: 167
Price: USD 103 / ea
Min. Order: 10 ea

Yoyik is specialized in manufacturing and providing components for turbines, coal-fired generators, and hydro units, as well as for electrical equipments, machinery parts, hydraulic machinery and parts. Our company is seated in the famous industrial city - Deyang with advanced technology, complete facilities and scientific management. Productions are in strict accordance with national standards.
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#DF-Red electric varnish 167-DF
filter hydraulic oil STZX2-40*3
Sealant Injector Nozzle G.NPL.EH-R1/4
generator stator cooling water pump DFB100-65-260
Packing B06-9076Z-34US
servo valve efb S15FOFA4VBL
Switch 162F1300
filter pressure hydraulic housing ZU-F40*10BSIII
vacuum pump spare parts coupling cushion 30-WS
gear pump hydraulic GM-0050
machine oil filter 0160D005BN3HC
wet solenoid directional valve 4WE6Y-L64/EW220 50NZ5L
EH pump flushing filter V6021V4C03
hydraulic filter maintenance CFASX-100*100
oil filter housing OF3-20-3RV-10
return oil filter SFX-500*5
Duplex Filter HX.BH-63*1W
pleated filter cartridge Q2UI-A40*20S
lube station filter DQ150AW25H1
Reducer MO2225.0BGCC1D1.5A
oil filter machine WUI-A25*80S
Scraper20MG50. cylinder sealsMG23.11.14.02thermocouple probe TE-104
hydraulic oil filter HX.BH-250*20W
HP trip assembly F3DG5S2-062A-220AC-50-DFZK-V/B08
filter pressure hydraulic TZ-1300*1
turbine speed sensor bme tcu SMCB-01-16
Solenoid Directional Valve4WE6-G-E-W24-20filter hydraulic servo Q3U-A400*5FS
oil filter separation filter GY135-200*30
oil filter elements TZX2-40*30
centrifugal oil filter YWU-400*180-J
filter element cartridge SFBX-800*10
gasket 03506-300/311/415 part no.:93
Spare parts of Electric Actuator ZJ-22-47
hydraulic filter crossover 707FLDN50
Red electric varnish 167

Pump Wheel shaft internal bearing YOT51A-06-00
globe valve 1/2 J61H-150LB
hydraulic filter breather TZ-25*1
Stainless steel metal hose 674-16H/900mm
hydraulic filters suppliers CFRI-630*10
solenoid valve propane 4WE10D-L3X/CW220-50NZ5L/V
Sonic Sensor DZXL-V
oil filter adapter housing SQCQX-200*10F10
021 inlet filter HX-63*5
Filter MOT SFAX-100*20
oil filter (flushing) 0508.1161T0101.AW010
best oil filter HC9600FKZ16Z
tubular heater element ZJ-20-T4
hydraulic spin on return line filter TZX2-100*5
dehydration filter FBX-160*10
filter hydraulic oil TZX-E160*20Q
bellows globe valve 40FWJ1.6P
300MW turbine AC lube pump volute 150LY-23
BFP EH oil main pump suction filter DZ903EA10V/-W
oil pump discharge working filter HFX-160*20Q
Sealing Grease
centrifugal pump KCZ50/200A-18.5/2
Bimetal thermometer WTYY-1021
machin oil filter element C9209033
Probe CS-3
Drive plate200MG61.11.07.97flexible heater ZJ-20-7
oil seal HPT200-330-05-01A-00
hydraulic oil filter Q2U-A25*20BS
filter cartridge TZX-E100*10Q
Sensor Turbine TM0393-A17-B00 0-100um
temperature sensor pt100 WZP2-014S
filter tank hydraulic DQ8302GA10H3.5C
Accumulator bladder and seal NXQ-100/90-F-A
Red electric varnish 167


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