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Axle Sleeve Tb1101-105×140 For Indonesia Thermal Power

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: TB1101-105×140
Price: USD 360 / ea
Min. Order: 1 ea

YOYIK is a large number of steam turbine / boiler / motor and other spare parts, spare parts, parts, accessories, all kinds of imported or domestic pneumatic components and Hydraulic components, YOYIK brand in the industry has made a high honor in the power, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, steel and other fields with an absolutely good reputation. Is the industry quality assurance model.
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#DF-axle sleeve TB1101-105×140-DF
EXTENTION CABLE 330130-040-01
Heater rod ZJ-16.5-T1A
replacement filter HX.BH-10*1W
cartridge stainless steel filter housings NLX-160*30
oil and filter 0330D020BH3HC
pneumatic servo valve SFD-21-DSV-001
Limit switch ZHS40-4-N-03
Splice D-436-36
Expansion indicator HPS150-150×150
Solvent-free insulating varnish 8904 11412
oil filter price Q2U-H25*10S
hydraulic oil station filter HX.BH-25*3Q
Power plant oil pump lubrication filter HBX-630*20
cellulose filter (working) F300-16Z
hydraulic oil filters HX.BH-10*3
best oil filter 0990D005BH3HC
jacking oil pump discharge filter HDX-100*5
replaceable filter drier core HX.BH-800*5Q
oil filter equipment HX.BH-800*3W
oil hydraulic filter FAX (NX)-1000*30
Electric hydraulic pumpPFG-142/ROhydraulic oil filter housing XU-A25*50BS
Linear transducer 2000DT
Sensores M30 NBB15-30GM30-E2-V1
oil filter wrench FAX-63*10
servo valve stem G403-546A
air filter regulator BDE200F2W1.X/-RV0.02
oil filter upgrade PQI-H50*10Q2SIII
oil filter elements HFX-160*20Q
turbine lube filter HX-250*10Q2
filter LXM15-8.5
hydraulic spin on return line filter ZUI-A630*20S
Oil filter element DR405EA03V/-W
oil and filter change cost TZ-25*10
hydraulic spin on return line filter TZX2I-400*5
pressure hose SMS-20-305mm-C
axle sleeve TB1101-105×140

oil filter wrench C13-110*250AC-1
oil press filter YWUX-100*180
lvdt sensor TDZ-1E-41
filter replacements NLX-160*10
oil filter cartridge TZX-E100*30Q
hydraulic filter press HX.BH-160*1Q
heating element CHK03.606.21Z
cooling water pump KSB50-250C
solenoid valve aprilaire 600 F3DG5S2-062A-50-DF-ZK-V 220VDC
hydraulic filter cross YQ2UX-100*30
hydraulic filter price list TZX2.BH-160*20
Security filter HBX-40*20
centrifugal oil filter NLX-630*5
Roller Sealing Ring20MG40.11.09.92JPump shaft YCZ50-250C
vacuum pump mechanical seal P-1761
filter hydraulic WU-A100*50S
Corrosion resistant Single stage centrifugal pump DFB 80-50-220
CPU Card (Including 8M DOC) JUKI-752(PCA6740L)
hydraulic motor 75D.452Z (B)-6
angle globe valve 65FJ1.6P
oil filter cross reference PA684DM25/W
Feedwater Pump oil filter DL002001
hydraulic filter breather Q2UI-A100*30S
Roller core20MG40.11.09.94Push button ZB4BZ101 + ZB4BA4
mannual bellows globe valve WJ41B-40P
filter cartridge machine HX.BH-63*5W
filter pressure hydraulic housing YQ2U-A40*20S
Seal kits of stop valve KJC15-16
solenoid valve breville dual boiler E321F32/4270 220VDC
hydraulic filter cross reference CFRX-250*20Q
heating element ZJ-22-2
Stator Cooling Water Return pipe drain valve WJ32F1.6P
EH oil regeneration pump suction filter 0508.1411T1201.AW007
main actuator working filter XW-630*40H
axle sleeve TB1101-105×140


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