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High Quality Stainless Steel Punch Filter Kls-50U/80 For Vietnam Power System

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: KLS-50U/80
Price: CNY 3680 / ea
Min. Order: 1 ea

High quality stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/80 for Vietnam power system
The company has a large flow, high discharge pressure, good performance, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, special for the technical valve products. Our company's main products: hydraulic machinery and components, hydroelectric generating units; coal-fired generating units; generating units; electrical and electronic products processing; mechanical parts processing. Mainly engaged in the power industry host (steam turbine, water machine, boiler, turbine) accessories, spare parts, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

#DF-stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/80-DF
actuator filter 0060D025W/HC
oil press filter PLFX-30-X20
water filter housing cartridge DSG-65/08
filter HX.BH-160*1W
water filter material SG-125/0.7
Air filter BDE400F2W2.X/-RV0.003
filter HX-25*20
china cartridge filter CFRX-100×5Q
pp filter cartridge making machine KLS-50U/80
filter DP602EA01V/-F
Oil purifier filter
hydraulic filter press TZX2I-400×40
filter SFBX-800*20
filter HFX-160*20Q
oil filter WU-A630*40FS
filter pressure hydraulic housing J150×840
pp pleated filter cartridge DLS-700
oil filter change SWUX-25×30
water filter spare parts KLS-50U/280
pp filter cotton ML125
filter element cartridge QF9732W25H1.0C-DQ
hydraulic oil filter machine HX.BH-63×10
filter HX-40*40
cartridge stainless steel filter housings TZX2-100×30Q2
APH . fan oil cooler GLC3-4/1.6
filter NLX-1000*5
hydraulic return filter DP1A401EA01V/-F
filter WU-225*180-J
oil filter WU-H63*50S
oil filter GY93-25*40
oil filter XUI-A250*80FS
water filter housing SGLQ-6000A
bulk oil filters LH0240D10BN/HC
oil filter PQI-H150*30Q2SIII
cross reference hydraulic filter HDX-63×5
oil filter ZL-630*100
stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/80

filter TFBX-70*20
filter GY93.25X*10
bulk oil filters ZX-250×180
lube oil filters TZX-E160×20Q
aqua water filter price KLS-150T/60
aquarium water filter DLS-600
filter HX-400*10
line filter element STXX-400×1
oil hydraulic filter NLX-40×5
oil filter machine IX-800X180
EH oil outlet filter HCY0108FKP13Z
lube filter 2-5685-0604-99
synthetic oil filter SDGLQ-72T-36K
filter LXM10-40
EH oil pump discharge filter DP602EA03V/-W
filter water purifier MSL-31
air intake filter QUQ5
filter DR1A401EA03V/-W
oil hydraulic filter HX-250×3
chemical filter cartridge YSF-10-4
oil filter making machine WNY-180
hydraulic oil filter remover TZX2I-630×30
coalesce filter LXM-15-4
filter LX-100*80
oil filter elements ZX.BH-160×180
coalesce filter LXM-10-60
filter A4637CKX-160*10
machine oil filter 21FC1421-60×250/10
hydraulic line filter element LY-15/10W-5
pp micro 5 filter SL-9/50
filter GY135-200*20
flushing filter ZTJ300-00-07
oil feeder filter PA26/H80V10-1 DEC 10.000
pp melt blown filter cartridge DLS-600
pp melt blown filter MSL-125
air filter machine QUQ5
stainless steel Punch filter KLS-50U/80


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