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China Made Braun Card D521.02 For Power Plant

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: D521.02
Price: CNY 42560 / ea
Min. Order: 1 ea

China made Braun Card D521.02 for power plant
The company has a large flow, high discharge pressure, good performance, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, special for the technical valve products. Our company's main products: hydraulic machinery and components, hydroelectric generating units; coal-fired generating units; generating units; electrical and electronic products processing; mechanical parts processing. Mainly engaged in the power industry host (steam turbine, water machine, boiler, turbine) accessories, spare parts, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

#DF-Braun Card D521.02-DF
inductive displacement sensor TDZ-1G-05
Magnetic Speed Sensors CS-1(D-100-05-01)
300mm pt100 WZP2-221(Pt100)
sensor de lvdt B151.36.09G14
lvdt linear position sensor A157.33.42.03
turbine speed sensor bme tcu CS-01
transmission speed sensor YD62-A02-B89mm-C01
M6 thread TE-403
angular displacement sensor B152.33.01.01(2)
pt100 temperature transmitter WZPK-160 L=320mm
vertical Pressure gauge MEX5D62B78
shaft rotation sensor D-090-02-01
LVDT Sensor TDZ-1E-32
Speed probe D075-05-01
thermocouple temperature sensor WRNK2-221
Limit switch WLCA12
lvdt displacement sensor inductive sensor K156.33.42.08G01
lvdt linear position sensor B151.36.09G13
lvdt working principle DET800A
pt100 rtd500 WZPK2-238
sensor rpm CS-1(G-100-02-01)
Gear tooth sensor QBJ-CS-2-2S
non-contact displacement sensor LVDT-500-3
thermocouple cable WRNR2-12
lvdt displacement sensor inductive sensor TDZ-1-45
rpm sensor generator D065-05-01
high pressure gauge HS75686
unit of thermal resistance WZPK2-380B φ8
pt100 rtd500 WZPM-325 φ25mm
displacement inductive sensor A157.33.42.04
lvdt displacement sensor 8000TDZ-A
Gear speed sensor ZS-02 L=100
sensor de lvdt B151.36.06(1)G03
Platinum-Rhodium Wire WRNKB-446S/TG
linear variable displacement transducer ZD-2000TDB
Braun Card D521.02

Magnetic Proximity Sensors ZS-03 L=75
lvdt transducer B151.36.09G36
high temperature sensor WZP-230A M27×2
Sensor D-100-02-01
lvdt position sensor DET600A
linear displacement sensor B151.36.09G32
Differential Pressure Gauge Z1247998
displacement sensor A157.33.42.03
linear displacement sensor ZDET-20B
displacement transducer TD-1 80S
temperature probe sensor WZPK-338
Platinum RTD Sensor WZRK-105 Φ5
Pt100 Temperature Sensor WZPK2-323
lvdt full form DET400A
transmission speed sensor ZS-04-75-3000
rtd pt100 WZPK2-338
platinum resistance thermometer WZPK2M-201
thermocouple cable WREK2-230
lvdt transducer 5000TD-3
lvdt 0-300 TD7000
lvdt 20mm sensor HL-6-400-15
speed sensor cost CS-3-M10*1 L=130
displacement sensor LVDT-100-6
speed sensor CS-3 M16-L60
linear variable displacement transducer DET200A
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors C9231122
Pt100 Temperature Sensor WZP-280
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors
inductive displacement sensor LVDT-800-3
lvdt transducer ZDET-700B
thermocouple replacement WREKD2-04
EDI Power Display Panel Monsun KS-2-10A
Cartridge Heater with handle JH-023-680300 47
non-contact displacement sensor TDZ-1E-02
speed sensor location CS-3-m16x1-60
wire pt100 WZPM-201 φ5
Braun Card D521.02


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