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China Factory Camera Lens Yf-A18-2A-2-15(B2) For Power Station

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: YF-A18-2A-2-15(B2)
Price: CNY 26580 / ea
Min. Order: 1 ea

China factory camera lens YF-A18-2A-2-15(B2) for power station
Deyang YOYIK strong technical force, with CNC lathes, machining centers, 1.6M vertical lathe, 2.5M vertical lathe, 3.2M vertical lathe, 4M vertical lathe, CNC boring machine, gantry planing, gantry milling, 80mm Bending Machine and other sophisticated equipment, Strong welding capacity. Deyang YOYIK also long-term supply of power plants, steel accessories are as follows:

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

#DF-camera lens YF-A18-2A-2-15(B2)-DF
Thermocouple Cylindrical sensor WRNK2-221
thermocouple temperature sensor WRNK2
300mm pt100 WZPM2-08-040-M18-S
thermal contact resistance WZPK2-393 φ6
lvdt sensor ZDET-500B
Hall Effect RPM/Speed Sensor CS-3F-M10-L55-1
Limit Switch 83990129/SP3969-10
20kw industrial heating element ZJ-22-50
full form of lvdt TD-1
unit of thermal resistance WZRK-105 Φ5
5000 rpm torque sensor D-065-05-01(CS-1)
Communication measuring board 3BHE02291R0101
LVDT Displacement Sensors HL-6-250-15
pressure controller switch 414871-QEK005
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors TDZ-1-41
full form of lvdt B151.36.09G36
pt100 thermal resistance WZPK2-323
lvdt 20mm sensor HL-6-50-15
k-type thermocouple WRN2-239
liquid level transducer CEL-3595A/GF CREMER
Resistance thermometer WZPM-231
pt100 thermal resistance WZPM-201 5000MM
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1-35
rtd temperature 4Q15244
Liquid level meter UT-81
displacement sensor HL-3-20-15
lcd speedometer DM-11
lvdt transducer HTD-150-3
sensor speed CS-3F-M16X1-L70
rotational speed sensor DF6101-000-065-01-03-00-00
k type thermocouple 1200c TE-402
Magnetic Pick-up Speed Sensor PRA-BOX
LVDT Position Sensors C9231114
Resistance Thermometers TE-203
camera lens YF-A18-2A-2-15(B2)

wzp pt100 WZP
thermal resistance tester WZP
displacement sensor B152.33.01.01(2)
Gear rpm sensor SZCB-01-B01-C1
linear expansion TD-2 0-80mm
displacement sensor B151.36.09.04-011
heater cartridge 12v 40w JHG03-A12 1.67KW
RPM Sensor magnetic CS-03
linear displacement sensor DET400A
linear displacement sensor 3000TDZ-A
full form of lvdt 181.36.06G01
dial stem thermometer range WSSP-481
lvdt displacement transducer B151.36.09.04-012
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor LVDT-20-3
lvdt probe TDZ-1E-33
gas analyzer DN-3010
lvdt probe ZD-10000TDB
3 Wire RTD Sensor WZP2-190
displacement inductive sensor TDZ-1-25
turbine speed sensors ecu plate SZCB-01-B01
4mm rtd pt100 WZPM2-001 Φ5
lvdt full form DET300A
Smoke fan speed sensor CS1
full form of lvdt 10000TDGN
temperature measurement sensor pt100 WZPK2-323
lvdt transducer FRD.WJA2.601H
output speed sensor A5SO5T90-05
lvdt working principle 6000TDG
thermowell flange WRNR2-12
industrial displacement sensor TDZ-1G-12
type k thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S20
non-contact displacement sensor ZDET200B
Pressure Switch RC861CZ090ZYMA59
linear displacement sensor TD-1-350
lvdt displacement sensor ZDET-250B
lvdt 0-300 TD-6-4204
camera lens YF-A18-2A-2-15(B2)


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