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China Factory Plc Speed Module Hy-6000Ve731 For Power Station

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: yoyik
Model: HY-6000VE731
Price: CNY 7890 / ea
Min. Order: 1 ea

China factory PLC SPEED MODULE HY-6000VE731 for power station
Yoyik is specialized in manufacturing and providing components for turbines, coal-fired generators, and hydro units, as well as for electrical equipments, machinery parts, hydraulic machinery and parts. Our company is seated in the famous industrial city - Deyang with advanced technology, complete facilities and scientific management. Productions are in strict accordance with national standards.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

temperature transmitter pt100 WWZP2-001 φ6
LVDT Sensor LVDT TDZ-1-H 0-250
Thermistor Sensor WZPM2
Shaft Speed Sensors HZSP-475-50-10-HL
speed sensor cost BI2-M12-AN6X
electronic speedometer DF9011
displacement inductive sensor ZDET-350B
thermocouple machine WREK2-230
meter rpm DM-11B
output shaft speed sensor DF6101-005-065-01-03-00
wire pt100 WZPK2-238
lvdt displacement transducer TDZ-1E-25
rtd pt100 WZPM2-08-75-M18-S
lvdt working principle ZDET200B
Platinum Wire TE-403
Cable Type RTD Sensor WZP-201
wire pt100 WZRK-135 Φ5
rpm tachometer 240IBTESTO
turbine speed sensors ecu plate CS-1 G-100-02-01
thermocouple thermometer TC03A2-KY-2B/S17
displacement inductive sensor LVDT-50-3
non contact rpm sensor MP988
LVDT Displacement Sensors HTD-200-3
lvdt sensor LVDT-20-6
rpm gauge DF9011 0-6500RPM
lvdt sensor DET-400A
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1G 0-250mm Heat Resistance
furnace thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S17
electric speedometer 240IBTESTO
Motion detector FRD.WJA2.608H
LVDT Measurement 181.36.06G03
digital rpm sensor and meters DF9011 0-3300RPM
sensor de lvdt 4000TDG
transmitter AX410/5001
thermal resistance units WZP2-2212A

lvdt transducer LVDT-100-3
Rotary Torque Sensor CS-1-G-100-02-01
speed sensor location G-100-02-01
thermometer WTY-402
temperature gauge sensor WZP2M-201
rtd WZP2-221
rtd probe WZPK2-323 PT100
electric cartridge heater rod JHG03S2-380V/6KW
differential pressure transmitter MPFILT0.5MPA
lvdt position sensor B151.36.09G13
full form of lvdt 6000TDGN-30-01-01
heat expansion sensor
full form of lvdt DET250A
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor K151.36.06.01(1)
Platinum-Iridium Wire TE-111
dial stem thermometer range WTY 1201606
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor B151.36.09.14G19
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor 10000TDGN
lvdt full form 5000TD-3
lvdt displacement sensor TDZ-1F
lvdt displacement sensor TDZ-1G-05
Thermocouple Control TE-404
thermal contact resistance WZPM2-002
sensor lvdt 199T.319Z
lvdt transducer ZDET-20B
RTD Temperature Sensor Element WZP-201
displacement sensor sany B151.36.09.04-002
Shaft Rotation Speed Sensors CS-3 M16-L60
LVDT Position Sensors 3000TDGN
lvdt probe HL-6-200-15
Bimetallic Temperature Gauge WSS-471
sensor pt100 WZPM2-08
LVDT Position Sensors ZDET-200B
ultrasonic liquid level sensor LU83-5111
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors 4000TDGN-15-01-01


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