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Polyethylene Rubberized Bituminous Anti-Corrosive Tape

Detailed Selling Lead Description

A bitumen based adhesive corrosion protection tape. An
integral component of the CNPetro PipeCoat. A heavy duty
PE backing coated with a bitumen based adhesive compound
Includes a release film which is removed prior to use.

Sticks and bonds rapidly and permanently to primed surfaces.
Fast and easy application by hand or machine. Flexible, long
lasting, self sealing to minor substrate blemishes. Secure lap
sealing on edges and overlaps. Specially designed high impact
PE backing ensuring rugged durability and a high degree of
conformability and controlled elasticity. Stable in composition
over a wide temperature range. Non hardening or cracking,
which accommodates vibration and movement of substrate,
CNPetro PipeCoat Tape is non-toxic, non-flammable with high
dielectric strength and highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis
and salts.

Designed for the corrosion protection of pipelines, girth welds,
Bends, fittings. Used with PipeCoat bituminous Primer

Prepare steel to St2 (power brushed) / AS1627 P.2 (minimum).
Edges should be chamfered to remove step down.
Primer should be applied to the prepared substrate at a rate of
8 -10 m2/litre and allowed to tack dry (10 to 20 minutes),
prior to the use of Bitumen Tape.
Apply PipeCoat PE Tape with compound side to substrate,
creating a 55% overlap of tape to effectively provide a double
layer. Smooth down and mould tape by hand, especially at all
overlapped edges.
PipeCoat Primer is Recommended to use before wrapping

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