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Homogenizing Machine For Liquid Soap Making

Homogenizing Machine For Liquid Soap Making

Homogenizing Machine For Liquid Soap Making

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: hongyang
Model: CH-V
Price: USD 9100 / pcs
Min. Order: 1 pcs pcs

Large vacuum emulsification equipment with heating capacity
Main features
The machine was equipped with an air compressor and a vacuum pump. The detergent were produced under pressure. Vacuum asset cause froth breaking. From pouring materials into the cavity to finishing the production of the detergent just need one procedure. The machine can produce liquid in different types,which including shampoo, laundry detergent, bath cream,dish detergent, hair conditioner, toothpaste and cosmetics, and so on.
Operating principle
The Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier is a high-performance equipment. It can make the raw material processing continuously and circularly. There are three group of stator and rotor which are dual and occlusal in the narrow reactor. The motor-driven rotor revolve at a high speed that generates a strong axial suction that inhaling materials into the emulsification pump. The materials are scattered, sheared and emulsified in the shortest time. As a result, the distribution range of particle radius will be markedly narrowed that make the product produced finer and long-term stability.
Technical description
Power supply: 380V Agitation motor:3kw
Emulsification motor: 7.5kw Heating power: 36kw
Vacuum pump Power: 2.2kw water treatment power:0.37kw

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