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Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: Hongyang
Model: HY-300
Price: USD 4500-6500 / pcs
Min. Order: 1pcs pcs

Type A heating shear emulsifying equipment

Main features
Heating interlayer. The material is 304 stainless steel sheets both inside and outside. The thickness of inside sheet is 2.5mm while the outside is 1.5mm. Also keep constant temperature .Can heating by water or oil ,Providing the function of mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying and three-level water treatment. The production capacity is pretty high ,can produce 300KG every half an hour. It’s the first choice for small and medium production of shampoo, body lotion, Auto Water Wax, Table board liquid, hair conditioner, Leather polish and so on..

Operating principle
Can directly treat the tap water and river water,The Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier is a high-performance equipment. It can make the material processing continuously and circularly. There are three series of stator and rotor which are dual and multi-bite in the narrow reactor. The motor-driven rotor revolesat a high speed that generates a strong axial suction. The suction make the materials into the emulsification pump. The materials are scattered, sheared and emulsified in the shortest time. As a result, the distribution range of particle radius will be markedly narrowed that make the product produced finer and long-term stability.

Technical description
Voltage: 380V mixing motor power : 1.5kw
Emulsification motor: 3kw Water motor: 0.37kw
Weight: 300kg Volume: 300L
Heating power: 18kw
External dimensions: 1.5×1×2(m)

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