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Dish Detergent Making Machine-Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery

Dish Detergent Making Machine-Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery

Dish Detergent Making Machine-Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Brand: hongyang
Model: BT
Price: USD 4000 / pcs
Min. Order: 1 pcs pcs

Type B tube homogeneous emulsifying equipment
The material is 304 stainless steel. Providing the function of mixing, dispersion, high-performance shear, emulsification and three-level water treatment. High production efficiency and stable quality of tube type emulsification. It’s the first choice for producing cleaning product such as shampoo,body lotion, washing detergent.

Operating principle:
At first, deal with the tap water in the water-meter cycling through three-level treatment directly. Put the treated water and materials into the main pot in proper order, then turn on the emulsifying and mixing motor. After fully mixing and emulsifying for 30-40 minutes, can output the materials. During working, changing the traditional high speed dispersion and matte process, it produce strong hydraulic cutting and centrifugal extrusion within the shortest possible time through high speed rotating rotor and precision stator cavity, forming high frequency mechanical effects, to make the materials fully refined, so that the products meet the effect of homogeneous and long-term stability.

Technical parameters:
Voltage: 220V Agitation motor power : 0.75kw
Emulsification motor: 0.55kw Water motor: 0.37kw
Weight: 150kg Volume: 200L
External dimensions: 1.5*0.8*1.65(m)

Our promise
1. Free Technique Training
We offer free training of production techniques for washing products at any time. These techniques can be mastered in one or two days and are taught by experienced chemical specialists, who will answer any question raised by trainees carefully and patiently. Trainees will then practice in person without restriction in time or frequency, until they have fully mastered the techniques.
Course training
a. Liquid detergent market
b. Base formula of liquid detergent
c. The affection to products from water and the ways to solve
d. Names and distinguished ways of surfactant
e. Names and distinguished ways of Auxiliary
f. Equipments and recipes introduction
g. On-site production of wash detergent
h. Cost accounting
i. Product sailing
2. Free provision and free training of newly developed technique and formulas
3. Equipment repair
The equipment is subject to one-year free warranty and lifelong maintenance. The knowledge on equipment repair will be taught on site with the equipment instructions provided. If any problem occurs during the warranty period, you only need pay for the charge of components.
4. Agent or assistant in equipments consignment for customer:
We have 100 logistic points throughout the country. Users may pay the freight after receiving the equipment, and for foreign users, we can help settle the formalities for customs clearance and export.

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